Art and Culture

From Torre Malaspina to Torre delle Streghe, a story of a stake on the public square of Varzi

The Romanesque parish church of San Zaccaria in Rocca Susella, a masterpiece of the Comacini masters.

History, legends and... ghosts. In Val di Nizza, the castle of Oramala is the talk of the town.

Villa Mangini, the noble residence in Varzi. From here the 'beautiful world

Varzi and its medieval alleys. Here are the ones not to be missed

The Temple of Fraternity in Cella di Varzi: a church built with the remains of the war

The ancient church of Santa Reparata and San Siro, the place of devotion of the Malaspina family

Porta Soprana and Porta Sottana, through which the oldest history of Varzi passed

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