Brallo potato, the De.Co became testimonial of the mountain territory

In Brallo di Pregola, potato cultivation has been a deep-rooted tradition in the heart of the local community for over two centuries. Recently, this product of the land has obtained an important recognition: the De.Co. (Denominazione Comunale di Origine) designation. Brallo potatoes have thus become one of the main 'testimonials' of the area, a symbol of quality and authenticity

The privileged climate

Brallo potatoes are highly prized by consumers and this is no coincidence. What makes them so special is the unique soil and climate in which they are grown. The Brallo area is situated between 400 and 1600 metres above sea level, which guarantees an ideal climate for growing potatoes.

The wide daily temperature range typical of these altitudes creates optimal conditions for the growth and development of potatoes. Warm, sunny days followed by cool nights promote the formation of starch and sugars in the potatoes, giving them a unique flavour and texture. This combination of pedoclimatic factors produces a potato with an intense flavour and superior quality that is highly appreciated by consumers.

From sowing to harvesting

Potatoes are sown between March and April, when the soil is ready to receive the tubers. Then, between July and September, depending on the earliness of the cultivars, the potatoes are harvested.
They are excellent in salads, fried or roasted, or used to make tasty dumplings and mashed potatoes.

Guaranteed quality: the De.Co. specification

To guarantee the quality and authenticity of the Brallo potatoes, the De.Co. specification imposes specific marketing rules. The potatoes put on the market must have a minimum width of more than 25 mm and a maximum of 120 mm. Furthermore, they must be free of cuts, wounds, abrasions, fungus or stains and must be as free as possible of foreign bodies. These requirements aim to offer consumers a product of excellence, carefully selected and meeting the required quality standards.
As far as sales are concerned, the potatoes can be packed in bags of different sizes, with a minimum weight of 2 kg and a maximum of 25 kg. Alternatively, they can be sold in crates.

The Potato Festival

There is a special moment to celebrate the precious tuber of Brallo: it is the Potato Festival, held every second Sunday in September. This event attracts numerous enthusiasts and visitors eager to discover and taste potato-based culinary delicacies. During the festival, the square in Brallo di Pregola comes alive with stalls full of typical products and gastronomic delicacies.
Local producers present their best potato varieties, while stands and restaurants offer guests the opportunity to taste traditional dishes and discover the many nuances of this excellent product.

During the festival, the prize-giving ceremony for the largest potato is an eagerly awaited moment, where the extraordinary size achieved by some tubers is displayed. But it is not only the size that is rewarded, the most 'artistic' potato is also recognised.