Salame di Varzi DOP, a world famous ”norcineria” tradition

Salame di Varzi has a place of honour in the long tradition of Varzi and Oltrepò Pavese. Since the 12th century, this delicious sausage has been a coveted dish on the table of the Malaspina marquises, the feudal lords of the Varzi Valley. Its production has been handed down through generations of master charcutiers, who have kept the traditional techniques alive and preserved the taste and quality that distinguish it.

Harmony of taste and tradition

Salame di Varzi is a work of gastronomic art, a tender salami with a bright red colour and a sweet, delicate flavour that will enchant your senses. Each slice is a symphony of aromas and flavours that tell the story of a land and a thousand-year-old culinary tradition.

The fragrant and characteristic aroma is the result of a perfect combination of factors. The curing area, with its natural cellars, and the curing time give Salame di Varzi an enveloping aroma. Spicy aromas, harmoniously blended with slight hints of mould and the scent of bread crust, herbaceous aromas of green wood and mimosa, give the palate a unique sensory experience.

The coarse-grained mixture typical of Salame di Varzi is the result of careful and precise mincing of selected pork. This process makes it possible to maintain a soft consistency. The sausage is stuffed exclusively with dried natural tripe.

Curing is an art that requires time and patience. Curing times vary according to the size of the salami, which can range from a minimum of 100 grams, usually packed in rows of 5, to a maximum of 2 kg and more. It is during this crucial period that the salami develops its complexity of flavours and aromas, achieving the perfect harmony between sweetness and savouriness.

Maturing in the ancient cellars of Varzi

Maturation is a key aspect of production and the area's ancient cellars play a central role in this magical process. In these places steeped in history, the right humidity and a controlled microclimate combine to create the ideal environment in which moulds gently develop, giving the salami its unique character.

In the cellars of Varzi, which almost smell of mystery, the art of maturing comes to life. Custodians of a unique and precious art, it is here that Salame di Varzi acquires personality and its distinctive character.

Salame di Varzi PDO, a protected excellence

The name "Salame di Varzi" is an authentic guarantee of quality and origin. Reserved exclusively for salami produced in the typical Oltrepò Pavese area, which includes Varzi and 15 neighbouring municipalities in the Staffora and Versa Valleys, the DOP is the symbol of an area rich in history and tradition.

The hilly terrain, with altitudes ranging from 250 to 1,000 metres above sea level, and the sea breezes that meet the mountain currents, create the ideal microclimate for curing and maturing salami.

The Consorzio di Tutela del Salame di Varzi (Consortium for the Protection of Varzi Salami) has been set up to protect and promote production, ensuring that every stage of production meets quality standards. The Consortium is also responsible for the promotion and enhancement of Salame di Varzi at national and international level.

With the aim of protecting Salame di Varzi from imitations and counterfeits, the DOP has become a mark of quality, a source of pride for producers and an invitation to consumers to discover and appreciate an authentic product, the fruit of a generous land and a generous hand.